Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a new slab need to cure before it is stained?

28 days.

Should a curing agent be applied to the slab?

Cure and seal inhibits stain penetrationand must be stripped if present.
We suggest a "wet cure" if possible.

When should I schedule the floor to be stained?

After dry wall is hung and primed, before baseboards.

When is foot traffic allowed after the sealer is applied?

12 hours minimum, 24 recommended.

Will the color or sealer peel or flake up?

Our penetrating stains and sealers are permanently absorbed into the concrete's surface.

If the floor is scratched, can it be repaired?

Minor scratches can be burnished out.
Additional coats of sealer can be applied for more severe scratches.

What can you do about cracks?

Cracks can be cut out, filled, and sanded.

How is color selected?

We have a library of samples that can bechosen from and reproduced.
Custom finishes can also be createdbased off inspiration from existing samples.